Expectations = Disappointments??

  This question always comes to my mind , Do our expectations leads to disappointments?  As far as my experience is concerned I have learnt to keep my expectations low and obviously it comes when you have been disappointed a lot of times. I expect less because my mental peace is the most important thing... Continue Reading →

Regrets are your worst enemies

We all have regrets ! Regrets of not taking right decisions when the time was right , regret of trusting wrong people , regret of not saving enough money , regrets of not doing enough for our loved ones !! But if we keep regretting for our mistakes when will we make things right ?... Continue Reading →

Dear Men, You can cry too !! 

I have been writing about the problems and issues women face. Today I am starting a series of posts of all the issues related to identity of a Man.. Here is the first One : Why Men do not share their emotions easily? We have been telling the Men / Boys around us to "Man Up"... Continue Reading →

The Love afterwards !

I just love to watch love stories and reading romantic novels and I always use to wonder why something so beautiful does not happen in real life ... Actually it does happen but it is not that flawless and it is not like a piece of cake..  It is a blissful feeling to be loved but... Continue Reading →

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