The Third gender

Recently Our Supreme Court has given a historical judgment about recognizing the Third Gender in India. We all have seen that and appreciated that too, May be some of us must have thought that why was it needed?

The most important question here is that What took us so long, Was it some rocket science or something? We as a country have been questioning the existence of a number of Indian citizens since so long. We have been forcing these people to choose a gender (Only Male/Female) if they want to fill up some form, which they definitely don’t belong to. And the reason for it can not be more stupid than they are naturally like this, God has made them like that. Now we “so called religious people” ,we can also assume that they’ve done something bad in their last birth that is why they are like this. I mean c’mon , Are you seriously smart enough to understand why God has done something ??

And forget about the God, where is our Humanity.

We all have seen Eunuchs & Hijras Or we say Kinnars since childhood.. dancing in marriages, Baby functions ,at signals, in local trains.. To be honest as a child, I use to think differently about them, I use to get scared or may be even disgusted. I always hated their idea of coming and clapping & taking the money. But now when I am mature enough to have a point of view, I understand. None of the elders around me has ever told me to treat them as equals.. To let them live a normal life.

We don’t have any right to get disgusted on some people for whom we have not left any choice.We as a society have never accepted them, they can not get educated, the can not get employed, they just can not live a normal life as we all do. And who has given us this right? and why our elders who give their good & experienced opinion about everything never made us understand this simple thing.

I have never seen happier people than them, They can be the best people to give talks about “How to be happy in Life”, they can be the best people to take care of security of any female Hostel or PG. That is what use to happen in ancient time no,All the queens had A Third gender as their security guard. I think they can do any thing, if we let them do.They have the strength of men & beauty of women.

I am so happy that finally Supreme Court has given a judgement,They’ll be treated as OBC for all kind of reservations,they’ll soon have separate public toilets, There will be a committee working for their welfare & removing the social stigma they’ve always been facing.

Lets hope for the best !! And we would definitely teach our next generation to treat a human being like only a human being not more or less than that.


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