The Misjudged feminism..

We have been using the word “Feminism” or “feminist” a lot terms of women rights, equality, privileges etc.
If we start from the MNC world , I have seen my company recruiting a lot of females employees to maintain the gender ratio and speaking out loud that they believe in FEMINISM. I appreciate the fact that they are giving more employment to females but it would make more sense if you keep your target qualities for a candidate same and then a female gets selected only because of  her capabilities.They should just avoid rejecting somebody because they underestimate the capabilities of a female.

This would be enough if you start giving responsibilities irrespective of the gender, stop rejecting females for promotions because you think they’ll get married soon or get pregnant or can not work late if needed.we don’t want to be privileged, we want to get treated equally and that is what feminism means.

And we our ladies have to understand it better.. We have to stop expecting the privileges we got because of our gender like Stop expecting when we go in a meeting, somebody will pull a chair for us or somebody will offer us a chair unless you are pregnant or too old to stand for an hour. We have to get confident enough about ourselves. we have to start taking responsibilities and taking initiatives. Yes that’s a sad part that we have to prove ourselves more but its time. We need to stop taking privileges if we don’t need it. Its time that we start standing for each other. The thing we are looking for is equality. Equality in the family, in the society and in the professional world.

If we don’t treat our partners (boy friends/friends/husbands) equally, we cant expect them to treat us the same. if we expect our partners to cook and do household stuff, we should be ready to do the so called man’s works.

Somehow we have forgotten that all this “Feminism” thing has some responsibilities from our side as well. We have been complaining about the problems , expecting people to come forward and do something for us.. I think now is the right time that we stand together and show everybody what gender equality means.



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