13 ways to elevate your mood 😊

The kind of life we are heading these days is full of stress and anxiety, Be it your professional life, relationship, family pressure Or society. It starts the moment we wake up and continues till the time we go to bed. We are just absorbing stress everywhere. Anxiety to reach office on time, completing the task given by your boss, keeping your relationship fresh & happy, keeping your In-laws Happy, Worrying about that your kids are getting into something wrong, Pressure related to studies,Mid life crisis ,Whether we’ll be able to achieve our life goals or not and many many other things.

All these things are just filling up our store of stress every day and we somehow trying our best to cope up with it.

According to world health organization ,India is one of the most depressed countries in the world with a whopping 36% of Indians likely to suffer from major depression at some point in their lives.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by anxiety — roughly 18 percent of the nation’s population. 

So today our focus would be to find out ways to stop our anxiety reaching depression and How to stay Happy everyday. Because after all Happiness is the Key !

I myself am an over thinker , I worry about every little thing but as the time had passed, like everybody else I have found my ways to stay relaxed and Happy. It is true that everything doesn’t work for everybody but we need to explore and understand what keeps us sane.

  1. Start your Day with a smile

    Seems like a stupid thing to do, But when u wake up and when you see your face in the mirror give yourself a smile. Make it a habit whenever you see yourself in the mirror (Obviously when you are alone ) just smile, Smile for the fact that you have come this far.. And you are so ready to move forward.


  2. Write down your thoughts:

    We always don’t have people with whom we can discuss our worries and problems, and sometimes we feel things which we don’t want to share with anybody. In that case writing is the best therapy , write down everything you are feeling at that moment. Everything you want to say that you could not may be, It needs to come out of your system and when you write it down it gives you a clarity whether the particular things is even important to worry about.

  3. Learn new things, expand your mind

    When we learn something new, we get more confident in life, we have new things to think about & to talk about. Try learning new things, draw pictures ,paint, write, learn dancing, learn playing a sport. Sometimes people around us discusses things which we know nothing about, read about those things. Be updated about the current things happening in the world and try to think about your perspective abut it.

  4. Meditate

    We all know that meditating is something we should do. It is sufficient to meditate 15 minutes a day.  Focus on your breathing.This is what meditation’s all about. Instead of trying not to think about the things that might stress you out on a day-to-day basis, give yourself something positive to focus on: your breath. By focusing all of your concentrating on your inhalations and exhalations, you’ll find that all other thoughts from the outside world fall away on their own, without you having to worry about how to ignore them.

  5. Cleaning is a therapy

    I tried this recently, I was very unhappy about some of the things going on, I started cleaning my room ,my kitchen , I made my bed , organized my books and Yeah it worked. I totally forgot about the thing I was feeling unhappy about and now I had a clean room. The kitchen was looking so good that I thought of cooking something for myself and then I ate and took a nap.

  6. Cook for yourself & your loved ones

    Cooking is an art and there is an artist inside all of us. When we cook and taste our self made food it gives a different feeling altogether, and when we have our loved ones to enjoy that meal with us it is a blessing. So try new recipes and torture your family and friends in all that experimentation because food Is life.
  7. Plants are antidepressants

    Our environment plays an important role in terms of our mood. You will get surprised to when you will experience how the flowers and plants elevates our mood.

  8. Get lost in the world of books

    Books are the best companions and one of the best ways to distract ourselves from unnecessary over thinking we do all the time. When I read a book , I become a part of the story, the characters and the places .Search for your type of books, join the communities like good reads etc where you can interact with new people and talk about your favorite characters.

  9. Pray

    Knowing that God is always there to take care ,It feels good to Pray.

  10. Work on making your soul beautiful-Be the best version of yourself

    “Working on making your soul beautiful” What I mean from this sentence is we should always work towards the kind of human being, we want to become ultimately and that is how we can work towards that. Here we are talking about the kind of human being not in terms of your position in your working place Or the kind of Money you are making. We are talking about Our Soul and that would totally be your idea not anybody else’s.

  11. Decorate your place

    Decorating / changing the setting of your home changes the vibes drastically.Put posters/put your own sketches/Put the post cards you have been keeping in your drawer/put your family photos, Put lamps, lights, nice curtains. It helps reducing the stress level and keeps you happy.


  12. Avoid the things which makes you feel negative

    Sometimes when people around me gossip about somebody or something ,I just leave that place immediately. Because when you talk negative you feel negative. We should always try to appreciate the good things in people rather than only pointing out the negative ones (But be aware about all the aspects). I have been noticing things which make me feel negative, the topic of discussions or certain people on a whole so the only solution was to avoid these things and stay positive.

  13. Deal with the thoughts which are making you anxious

    All this while we have been talking about the things which will help us to light up our mood Or make the vibes positive. But if there really is a problem which is not going out of your mind, it is important to deal with it.Don’t resist the thoughts ,let it come and think what will be the solution in the worst case and have a plan/ Will this thing even matter after a year / when was the last time you were worried about a similar kind of issue and how you solved it, how you managed and what were the things you would not want to repeat this time. When you have a plan ,you become more calm.


These were some of my ways to deal with my life. I would love to know about your idea of it. Comments are most welcome.

Happy Vibes !



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