Beauty has No color !

Indian advertisement industry is selling on people’s insecurity and if you don’t have one ,they’ll make kinds of ads that’ll create it. The kind of racist ads we have been watching on tv are one of the most illogical things ever.. If you have seen the ad of “Fair and Lovely” Or “Ponds White beauty” Or “Fair & Handsome” it has always been like the dusky/dark girl is always under confident, struggling to find a groom Or is not successful in her career because of her skin tone.. then she gets inspired to use that particular fairness cream and Boom!!!!! she gets the love of her life , she becomes successful and becomes super confident and lives Happily ever after..

They have even came up with the skin shades, Now you’ll get rated as per your skin tone. the tag lines are 3 shades darker in so & so days ! Not only creams we have face washes, body lotions , bleaches ,shower gels , deodorants, soaps, vagina whitening creams and God knows what else.

According to a article in Times Of India : “The Indian skin whitening industry is worth almost $180 million and is growing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent annually. “

In fact, the men’s fairness products market is estimated to be worth nearly $40 million and is growing at a rate of 25 percent.

But the question is these companies are earning because people want these products, The thing to be focused here is that the stereotype of “Fair is beautiful” & “Dark is Ugly” has not started with these ads Only, it is deep rooted in our Society from so long.

> All the religious shows we have been watching since childhood, The Gods are shown fair and demons are always shown black.. Why ?

> We have been listening to our aunties talking about how this girl is beautiful because she is fair and suggesting the moms having a dusky daughter about how you can make her fair & Making those moms worried about how her daughter will get married.

> Have you ever gone through the marriage advertisements in news paper. Every guy (irrespective of his own color ) wants a fair girl.

> Tamil movie industry : It is not new that this movie industry have been casting the fairer actresses from other states (For e.g.. Khushboo, Nagma,Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan ,Illeana D’cruz, Deeksha Seth, Kajal aggarwal ,Hansika mothwani, Trisha Krishna,Tamannah,Taapsee pannu, Sneha, Nayanthra, Samantha) Why they can’t cast a dusky actress where most of the population who watch their movies are darker only, how does the acting talent depends on your skin color ?And this discrimination only for actresses not for actors??

> This picture was spotted in one of the children’s text book, there is a fair girl who is suppose to be the definition of beautiful & a dusky female who is suppose to be the definition of ugly. This is what our kids are learning in school what do we expect them to behave when they grow up?


India is a country which is having so much diversity, Diversity in color ,cultures , clothes, food, languages and so many things. That is like a TRP for our nation, that is something we should cherish the most.. We keep complaining about the racism against us in other countries but Now is the time when we open our eyes and see the day to day racism we see around us.

So now what is the solution ? ?

Solution is the change in our mind set, to be aware , stop getting influenced by these Ads. Government should put guidelines for the advertisement and movies , Our celebrities should not sign an advertisement which is promoting discrimination against dark skin color..

We need more celebrities like Kangana Ranaut who refused to advertise an fairness cream Ad and Nandita Das who has been running a campaign “Black is beautiful “

Here is a video “1.2 billion shades of beautiful” (Courtesy :The Dark is Beautiful Campaign – A WOW initiative.


Cover Image Courtesy :

Happy Vibes !!


3 thoughts on “Beauty has No color !

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Our society is obsessed with the color white. I have dusky toned friends, and the other day I was discussing it with my friends that the chocolate brown skin tone has such attractive and sharp features. Feels sorry to say, but a few years back in my early teens even I was obsessed with being fair. But my thinking has changed over time and it has changed for good.
    Again a wonderful post !! Totally agree !

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