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Why Rejections open a way forward !!

Rejections are painful and heart breaking in all the ways it comes. We get rejected in relationships, professionally, socially and in so many other ways. Sometimes we feel alienated in a crowd because nobody wants to talk to us, sometimes we get rejected in job interviews or we get rejected from the person we think we love.. Not only as adults but as kids as well,we have been facing this. Sometimes we got rejected for a role in Annual Day play or a dance group Or Debate team Or sports team…

Yes we all have gone through these things in life..

But now when I look back and see , I would have never explored myself have I not got rejected those times.. I would have never met new people if I haven’t been failed in my relationship, I would have never explored to do other things like reading ,painting, dancing ,writing if I was not heart-broken because of those rejections. I would have been simply sitting in my comfort zone not knowing so many things which are part of my soul now. May be I would have never written this article and connect with so many people .

If I would not have been rejected in those interviews ,I would never had tried to improve my skills or learning more of them.

And I would have never known what matters and what does not… Rejections are learning and rejections are a new open path to explore ourselves, our capabilities and our insanity..

Chris Dixon has said “If you aren’t getting rejected on daily basis then your goals are not ambitious enough”

Dr.Steve Maraboli said : “Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better ”

Bo Bennette :  “A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.”

**Steve Maraboli is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Scientist who lends his popular voice to various topics.

Bo Bennette is Doctorate in social psychology , entrepreneur, author, philosopher

Chris Dixton is an American internet entrepreneur and investor.He is the co-founder and former CEO of the website Hunch.

 But all this I can understand now.. The time when we face a failure, the first reaction is a self doubt.We somehow measure our self worth with respect to those things and get so devastated that it takes time to stand up again and move forward.

But there is a saying you can’t only learn from your failures ,you can also learn watching somebody else’s experiences.

That is why I am writing this article ,so here are some ways to handle rejection :

  1. Acceptance: Accept the fact that you got rejected and stop thinking about who was wrong or whom to blame or it was the circumstances.It is totally fine to get rejected and feel sad about it. After all we are human beings.We are not super humans. And after accepting the fact only we can think about the next step forward.But this whole process of acceptance takes time so be patient. 
  2. Stop Comparing Yourself: It is fine if somebody is more successful or have a beautiful girlfriend or have that job which you have always wanted or somebody is able to go on a foreign trip to your dream destination etc etc etc.. Good for them !! Everyone is different, everybody’s life is different,everyone’s path to success is different and Unique.All the successful people we see and feel envy to, they have had their share of failures.You would be disrespecting yourself by comparing to others..So for God sake stop comparing… !
  3. The next Step: Before moving forward,Be thankful for all the people you have and all the things you have achieved in life.. Now when you have accepted the fact and can see the things clearly, now you can think of whether you actually want that thing or not.sometimes we do something just because everyone is doing it..So check yourself now.. And if you really want to do it,you can analyse what was lesser to achieve that? What you can do or not do about it? what are the alternatives? And move ahead with all the learnings..

So all the best for all the journeys ahead.That’s all about it.. Have a great Day !

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