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Being Selfish is Good !

Some of us never want to be selfish, it seems such a negative word.Happens with me all the time.

Like Sometimes we feel bad about ourselves because our friends keep calling us to hangout and we just don’t wanna go Or we want to be with our partner, so we keep saying NO but inside we feel bad about it.

Sometimes somebody is asking you to do their task but we wanna go home and just sleep but as soon as we reach home we feel bad for not helping.

Sometimes we are too broke to help somebody financially or we need that money for our family needs.But nonetheless we feel bad about ourselves for not helping.

Or sometimes someone wants to talk about their problem but we keep listening to their problem, feeling like a dump box for their negativity and done! So this time we don’t want to listen to somebody’s problem rather than that we want to sit alone and be happy. But after doing that we feel bad about ourselves that we were not able to help that person or we should have listened to their thing and should have tried to give some solution if possible..

But why ??

It is okay to be selfish as long as you are not doing any harm to anybody. This is like the first rule !

The main point here is to be the first priority for yourself, to think about yourself ,your health, your mental well being etc. It is important to take care of yourself first otherwise who would do.? And somewhere while helping others ,we want to feel good about ourselves (Believe it or not) because we always tell ourselves that “Yes, I am a good person”.

But you don’t need to prove it to others. It is not worth it if you are making your life miserable to help everybody and on the other hand there are chances that those people who are asking for help, with time they will get dependent on you. And when u will start saying NO to help, they will blame you and they will make you feel worse about yourself.

So why to start a chain ??

Here are some things worth giving a thought :

  1. You, your health, your mental peace ,your time and your effort are very important things, it should be prioritized for you and your family first and then for anybody else.
  2. I am not asking here not to help anybody and be a selfish prick.Help but as long as it is not harming you in any case.You should have the energy and capability to do that. I am not asking you not to help anybody financially even if you have lot of money and somebody is in critical need.
  3. Do not make anybody dependent on you if you are not ready for it.
  4. If you believe that you are a good person , you definitely do not need to prove it to anybody.
  5. and if you don’t know how to say NO to anybody , don’t let people take advantage of it.Because some of us ask for help in extreme cases but there are people who are so use to it that they will not think once before doing that.


Be Happy , Keep Calm and Keep growing as a Human Being !

Happy Vibes to you 😀





7 thoughts on “Being Selfish is Good !

  1. I love this post, society is full of messages on how to love and respect others, but no one teach us how to love ourselves. I hope you don’t mind me reblogging it. I just think this is such an important message ❤ x

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