Why is she so emotional?

She keeps hearing from her friends that you are too emotional. Even in one of her Hr interviews she said she is  too emotional as one of her weaknesses.
She gets emotional in little little things.she cries reading a book,watching a movie.she even gets emotional when she is happy. Her guy took her for shopping on her bday,she got emotional in that too.

She cries when somebody is telling her their problems or when she sees an old person begging.When she sees somebody doing good in there lives after lot of hardships she gets emotional in that too (in a good way).

She feels deeply, everything. She feels sad when she is not able to do something for her parents.she stays away from home because she is working in a different city so whenever her parents sends her their pics she gets emotional when she sees them getting old.

She is emotional that does not mean she only becomes sad.. she feels all the emotions deeply.She laughs at her own jokes.She dances like a mad old lady.. She knows how to be happy for little moments..

But lately she has been thinking Is being too emotional really a problem?Because when all other people around her doesn’t even get bother about little stuffs she is here feeling all that.

But no,It is her strength.Emotions are one the best things about being human..It makes her whole and because she knows what is being sad ,she value the happiness even more.. and she values the people who bring happiness more.Most of all she values herself for being able to be an emotional human being.

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