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Dear Opposite Gender

Dear Opposite Gender,

We have been separated from so long, You remember In school also we always use to sit in different rows and sitting together was a form of punishment. We had different groups and we use to play also separately. Playing with girls for you was kind of shameful (Its okay, we can understand).We have always been told about staying away; we never got a chance to know each other better. And with time this distance got so big that we have made our assumptions about each other. The more we have stayed away the more mystery we created around us. This sitting separately continued in college also, we have had our experiences and conclusion around each other that became a mindset. This mindset has created so many problems you know, being friends became more difficult. We are grown now but I see in office also we talk behind each other.We keep saying these girls just cant work hard and these guys are always mean, trying to put us down.

I know many of us and many of you feel it.But what do you think, isn’t it this the right time to try and getting know each other better.About our fears,what makes us happy, what irritate us , what have been our misjudgments about each other. Isn’t it the right time that we treat each other as human beings-No more and no less.We respect each other irrespective of our weaknesses and strengths.We give each other equal rights and we share responsibilities together.We will create a better world together. Because then only our next generation can start well and We’ll be happily telling them,It was us who started this.



Yours truly

Hopeful Us


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