The Art of correcting others

We don’t agree with everybody and Everytime in our day to day lives.Sometimes we get offended, sometimes just feel hopeless and sometimes we get so involve in the argument that it just spoils our day.

I know I know , we like to be correct most of the times and specially it is difficult to feel wrong when the other person is someone we just don’t like or somebody younger (Obviously, we have experienced life more than them).

Here are some things that may help :

  1. Listen completely:
    Yes, Happened with me recently, I was arguing about something with my friend and we were so involved proving our points that we couldn’t understand that both of us were saying almost similar things but in different ways.So first if we let the other person say all that they want to and then we decide we agree to that or not, it would be a lot better than wasting your energy at the first place.May be you do agree.

  2. Don’t argue , Discuss :
    We all know the difference,the basic difference is in our tone and the kind of words you are using.When we discuss, we are more calm and we try to be logical.We listen and if we agree to even some part of it ,we acknowledge that.We try to reach a common conclusion rather than just proving ourselves right.
  3. Its okay to be wrong sometimes:
    Has it happened to you ever? When you start discussing about something, you feel you just cant be wrong about it and on the way you kind of accept that the other person is more right about it.But now its a war and you cant lose it so you just keep trying to prove your point. C’mon we all are wrong sometimes,there is no shame accepting that,You are not a super human that you would know everything.
  4. Summarize what you have understood till now:
    Sometimes we keep arguing and the discussion is not reaching any where so better summarize what exactly your point is and what have you understood about the other person’s point of view.This way we can avoid to enter the loop of same arguments.
  5. Agree To Disagree:
    In this big big world, everybody’s point of view depends on their own experiences and their exposure and ofcourse their believes.So sometimes neither us nor the other person is going to agree.So it is good to agree to disagree and Move.

Wish you a great day !

God bless you!


16 thoughts on “The Art of correcting others

  1. Hi,
    May I add a tip? I heard it’s good to count to five when you’re done talking to ensure the other person was finished talking. Your tips are good ones. Listen, agree to disagree, it’s okay to be wrong.
    I met you at Jason Cushman’s Meet and Greet, so I came to Meet and Greet you.
    Maybe check out my blog if you could use any blogging tips. That’s what I write about.

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    1. Then agree to disagree.. Because there is no use of arguing with somebody who is not ready to listen.In this situation be a bigger person and just let it go.. because the more you try to argue, it will be a waste of energy.. and Everybody’s perspectives depends on their own experiences in life so it is better to agree to disagree..


      1. Unfortunately person knows he is wrong but still to satisfy his ego and the main motive is let down the other one….he continues to argue…
        What if happens again and again…even then should we agree to disagree???

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  2. Why is it important that the other person should get agree with us? And If you know that you are right, then in my opinion it does not matter whether anybody is agreeing with you or not (But before that we should make sure that we have thought through what are our point of views about that particular topic).
    And if you know that the other person is doing that just to put you down the more we argue ,the more we give chance to him/her to satisfy their ego. So I guess agree to disagree and move on peacefully to other important things in life.

    I hope that helps !
    Have a great Day !


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