​Shut the demons

As soon as I reach home and sit alone, all the demons come out, asking questions, reminding all the mistakes, reminding all the misjudgments, pains and failures.As if they were waiting for me to come back home and to be alone.
As soon as I reach home and try to sleep, my mind gets stupid , thinking of the things which may never happen, all the could haves and all the couldn’t be.. it starts imagining the worst,the sadness that could come and the people who may leave soon and I’ll be alone again..

But I get back up,shut my demons! I give a smile to myself and remember all the times when I was brave enough to walk again, held my head high and looking the most beautiful I could ever be.

I get back up more stronger and more beautiful.I feel grateful for what I have, I feel grateful for everything I have achieved and that I am still standing with all the power and love in my heart.I feel grateful that I can see all the colors in the world,that I can experience more and more.I feel grateful for the fact that I can still be a better version of myself !

Those demons will come again and I know for sure that I will shut them down as always ! 


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