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Its difficult to be humble but easier to be rude

last week in my office one of the freshers was giving a presentation, the room was full of people (including the very senior ones).

she started well and went on with her presentation, it was a knowledge sharing session and she was sharing all the knowledge she had about that particular topic.In my mind I was appreciating her guts to be able to say,what she had in front of everybody.Because lets agree to one thing it is not an easy task to do.

And then started the question answer session and people around there made it an interview (not a session), asking difficult things just to show off their own knowledge and somehow to put her down. I was amazed or rather angry about the way all the seniors were behaving.They were asking her the things whose answers they already knew and also knew the fact that a fresher like her may not be knowing this.

And then i said to myself , it is so easy to be rude and insulting where you can be humble and appreciative.

When we are in a position (like the people sitting in a room as a crowd and have all the rights to ask anything) where we can be rude , insulting and nobody is going to screw us for that, it is a choice to be a humble and a better human being.You can give yourself an ego boost by showing off your little knowledge or by putting somebody down. But lets ask ourselves what it does to the other person.It makes them scared to stand again in front of so many people and talk.May be the little ego boost people get out of it affects the other person for a very very long time.It seems to be a one hour affair to everybody but it matters a lot for the person who is standing there and answering everybody.

Then I met her later that day and told her how good she was and how brave she is for sharing her knowledge with everybody, may be to feel good about myself or may be to reduce the guilt I had for not asking those people to shut up and appreciate her but more than that to convey her that she was great and she should do it again !

This reminds me of all the news we read about the celebrities all day, our media does the same thing.They ask ugly and personal questions just because they can, just because they are part of a crowd, just because nobody can sue them for this!

Also this reminds me of all the hateful comments I see on social media when a celebrity says something about a topic or put a simple beautiful picture.People ask random questions, they put hateful and insulting comments behind the anonymous tag.And they know they don’t have the guts to say the same thing in person.

Anyways I am happy what I did !

Thanks for the read, Have a great day !



4 thoughts on “Its difficult to be humble but easier to be rude

  1. I can totally agree with you I had a similar experience the other day. This guy was studying something and he had to start @ highschool level his “friend”was openly making a mockery of him asking him questions he knew the other guy would find challenging!In front of the shop! I got so upset. But I had to understand that some people ( like the seniors you spoke about) need to make someone feel pathetic because deep inside they feel “below the bar” or better said they feel unworthy. It is just a sad reality of our society: (

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