Dear Anonymous Abuser


May be right now you are sitting behind your laptop screen/Mobile switching between those 3-4 social media sites because probably you don’t have better things to do.I know you have a freedom of speech and you can speak whatever you feel like.

Please restrict your opinions where your nose ends and yeah stop poking your nose everywhere.. Whenever a celebrity Or anybody for that matter, posts anything,You are the first one to put an abusive and insulting comment because lets agree to one point- you don’t have the guts to say it in person.You don’t stop there, You abuse other Men as well who have a decent point of view and who actually know the meaning of Gender equality.

May be you are the one who never had a female friend because all you saw in a girl was her boobs and her body.You are the one who goes out and eve tease girls.And may be you are the one who pressurizes your sister to cover her body all the times because you think all the other guys are just like you.

You are the one who calls any women a slut but definitely you are the one who goes to a prostitute and even humiliate her with your obscene demands.

You are the one who pressurizes your girl friend to have sex and you are also the one who wants a Virgin wife.

You are the Guy who abuses porn stars but you have the biggest collection of porns and you would have been the one who was most disheartened when porn was banned in India.Why this double standard? You are the end user but you are also the one who is complaining about the product !

You hide behind that anonymous tag and say disrespectful things to women, You call them names , you abuse them for wearing a long neck dress.We know that you don’t know where your life is going ! Here is a suggestion for you- Get your life together and concentrate on your own life.I just hope that you don’t become a father of a girl because that would be the saddest thing in this whole world.

If you really have guts ,come front and talk about it and be ready to get answered in the best way possible!

Because you know what you can be put behind the bars one day for humiliating a women as a Cyber criminal.

Because of you, other Men are getting generalized But we know for sure that all the Men are not like you.


Seriously no thanks


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