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The new “F” word-Feminism??

I was searching something related to feminism on Google and It was so disappointing to see what people search the most about Feminism :

If you search the word “Feminist” on Google this is what comes :


Can you see the first category : “ANGRY ”
It made me think , where is the problem?
Why when you say you are a Feminist , you get different kind of reactions.Lot of people say (Including some of my friends) : I believe in Gender equality but I am not a feminist.See this :

I am Not a Feminist

Because people don’t want to get related to the word. The whole image of being a feminist has changed. The image what Media is showing and the image people are creating with their own misconception about the topic !!

Men and Women already have equal rights already ??

The first argument is that Men and women already have equal rights then why are  you always talking about feminism. Okay so these are some facts:


  • Saudi Arabia and Vatican City: Women still can’t vote.
  • 62 million girls are denied an education all over the world (As per report from UN)
  • In 2015, only half of the world’s working-age women are in the labor force, compared to 77 percent of working-age men.
  • Every year, an estimated 15 million girls under 18 are married worldwide
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) affects more than 125 million girls and women alive today.
  • Saudi Arabia : Women can’t drive.
  • India : I am an Indian and I would want to point out the inequalities in India:1. Literacy rate of Males is 75.85 and Literacy rate of Females is 54.16.
    2.One out of every three women has experienced violence in marital life and yet Marital rape is not illegal in India.
    3. Still girl’s family has to give Dowry to get her married irrespective of her education and success in many parts of India. 
    4.Urban women are paid 80% of what men are paid
    5.A rape occurs every 34 minutes

    These are some of the examples and there are so many more. But the point here is that talking about feminism is important because we have a long way to go.

Feminism is Good for all the Genders :

Dear Men, We are definitely not Men Haters !! Think of a scenario where staying at home and taking care of the kid Or expressing your emotions will not be considered as feminine. Where you will not be expected to take all the financial responsibility of the family by default Or Paying the bill when you go on a date.
Feminism is about the gender equality including the third gender. Where the third gender will have equal rights.

If I am a feminist that doesn’t mean that I have to go out and protest !

I am a feminist and It is a belief ! I dont need to go out and protest otherwise I cant talk about it. I believe in the idea and I implement it around me. That doesn’t make me a lesser Feminist. I can be a house wife, a professional , A married / single woman , A man , A third Gender Or anything. None of these defines me as a lesser feminist.
I can’t be a feminist woman if I still ask for privileges /reservations when I am already financially/educationally equal to any other person (Unless it is about the physical strength which is a biological thing).
I can’t be a feminist if I support a female who is falsely accusing a guy for rape/harassment !

Less important things are getting hyped?

I think people have started identifying feminism with the discussions regarding “Bra burning” “Controversies around Cleavage” “Why women should talk about periods”. These are important things for us , Body shaming is another issue which has to be stopped. But more important than voting rights/right for education/right for equal wages /Right for Safety for women.


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5 thoughts on “The new “F” word-Feminism??

  1. I have to admit I’m guilty of judging feminists sometimes. I’m female and have always believed in equal rights, but a few “angry” feminists have given the rest of womankind a bad name. So I would never describe myself as a feminist, even though we probably share the same ideals!

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  2. The facts of gender inequality sadden me deeply, it’s a reminder that we need to keep pressing for change and support women who go out of their way and risk their lives to make a difference. I admire the few women I know who admit they are feminists but it’s not a label I would use to describe myself

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