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The Love afterwards !

I just love to watch love stories and reading romantic novels and I always use to wonder why something so beautiful does not happen in real life … Actually it does happen but it is not that flawless and it is not like a piece of cake..  It is a blissful feeling to be loved but the real love stories have equally painful pages..It takes a lot of patience and lot of understanding to be able to love back and to be able to keep the love alive..

And we don’t see the filmy love stories in real life because a movie usually ends when two people finally meet and express their love for each other.. But the real story starts just after that.

I don’t know how much I can preach about the topic but as my blog name says , these are the things I learnt :

Write your own love story :

Write your own love story with all the love inside your heart , with all those good intentions , all the belief and all that you deserve. Don’t include any comparisons , any misunderstandings or any negativity.

Love the way you want to be loved :

Keep the expectations but first ask whether you are giving the same to your partner or not.Give all the love and warmth which you want to receive, Basically preach what you practice..Because then you would receive that love with full rights , dignity and Self love.

Know when to let go :

You can not make somebody love you forcefully , Love is a freedom ! So know when to let go !

Have a Happy Story !!


7 thoughts on “The Love afterwards !

  1. You express this beautifully, ‘write your own love story’. My first love story was similar to riding a roller coaster naked. It’s was fun but scary at times, particularly when I felt exposed, vulnerable and unsure of myself as a young woman.

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