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Dear Men, You can cry too !! 

I have been writing about the problems and issues women face. Today I am starting a series of posts of all the issues related to identity of a Man.. Here is the first One :

Why Men do not share their emotions easily?

We have been telling the Men / Boys around us to “Man Up” Or Don’t Cry like a Woman” Or “Handle it like a Man”.

There is so much pressure since childhood to hide your emotions otherwise you will look weak and Vulnerable. There is so much Stigma around the identity of a Man or being Manly that you need to look strong , you can’t cry in front of people , you can’t wear pink (otherwise people will call you Gay) , you can’t be expressive about your emotions.

Most of the Men learn the art of keeping their inner turmoil hidden unaware of the results , if you keep resisting your tears to come out , there will obviously be some consequences because crying helps you heal, it reduces your stress , it releases the chemicals which generates in your body when you feel sad.

The results are painful :

  1. There are twice the Men who are doing suicide if you compare with women , below is the data by WHO about how many percentage of Men & Women doing suicide:

Male Female

What is making them Suicide , Do we as a society putting so much pressure that they don’t even want to live ?

2. There are almost twice the Men who are dying due to heart attack if you compare with woman.

3. Men go through depression and other disorders but there are very small chances that they would seek medical help.

4.There are more chances of a man getting alcoholic or become drug addict and one of the reasons are it helps them grieving and it helps them forgetting about their pains which obviously they don’t want to talk about with their families.

So my dear Men , Stop keeping your emotions inside and act brave all the time , we are human being and its okay to cry , its okay to get  emotional and it is totally okay to be vulnerable at times. Start expressing yourself ! 




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