Regrets are your worst enemies

We all have regrets ! Regrets of not taking right decisions when the time was right , regret of trusting wrong people , regret of not saving enough money , regrets of not doing enough for our loved ones !!

But if we keep regretting for our mistakes when will we make things right ? When will we live ? 

Regrets are our worst enemies , which keep us stuck in the past , sulking on things and never let us able to move forward. It is like that pessimist colleague who keeps reminding the bad things and is always sad , who is always pointing out your mistakes.

Replace that enemy with a friend or better convert that enemy into a friend. Replace the mistakes with learnings , replace the regrets with actions !!

There is nothing to regret. It is all experiences and learning and nothing else. The things you are regretting for- were the things you might have wanted/needed at that point of time , The things you are regretting of not doing , this is the time to do it..

So today take the control of your life in your hands.. Accept the things you have done wrong and Be proud of the things you have done right.. Most importantly be proud of yourself that you are still here, surviving and Fighting.. Still standing to become the best version of yourself…


Stay Happy and blessed !!


13 thoughts on “Regrets are your worst enemies

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    Thought of clicking the “Reblog” button, couldn’t hold it to myself or rather read this inspirational blog alone. Regrets are our worst enemies indeed and living by them on a daily can ruin your confidence and you will say less of “Thank you” and more of “I shouldn’t have done that” . Let me not say much, Read this awesome post!


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