Expectations = Disappointments??


This question always comes to my mind , Do our expectations leads to disappointments? 

As far as my experience is concerned I have learnt to keep my expectations low and obviously it comes when you have been disappointed a lot of times. I expect less because my mental peace is the most important thing !

If you walk back to your memory lane and stop at every point where you have been disappointed , was that because you were expecting something from someone and that dint happen as per your expectations ?? My memory says – Yes , Absolutely! Every time I was disappointed I was expecting somebody to do something for me. May be just be there with me because I was feeling lonely Or fight for me Or protect me.

The only person you should expect from is yourself and nobody else.Nobody is gonna come and save you from your problems.Its hard to accept but this is the truth.If you think that you have so many friends and if you get stuck in life there will be so many people to save you, This is the biggest lie of life.

If we don’t have high expectations of others and then somebody does something , it will make you super happy ! You will start getting happy on little things.

In Relationships.. this is and old and kind of permanent problem all of us face , we expect the biggest of things from our partner and then slowly our whole relationship dies beneath that big mountain of expectations. So let your partner be what they want to be and love them unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

You know what , if somebody want to be there for you it is irrespective of your expectations.Those people who want to do something for you they will do it whether you expect or not.And if somebody is doing something for you just because you expect them to , it is so unfair for that person.

Most importantly when you expect less , you are at peace and content !



Have a great Day !










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