Do we treat people better from our country in Abroad ?

So I am in Germany right now and I am from India. And on first day itself I felt like we have a different kind of bonding with people from our country or from our neighbor country. You meet random people on the street or in shops and you start random conversations.You talk like you have been knowing each other from so long.And suddenly we are like in love with our country and everything here is so boring.Everybody is home sick and they know all kind of advantages and beautiful things about their country.But on the contrary when we are in our country we keep complaining about the things we hate , we rarely talk about the positive things.We rarely talk about the things which are great and the good things our government is doing.

I want to ask a simple question , where this love and positivity goes when you are at home , why can’t we treat each other like family,why can’t we appreciate things there, why can’t we appreciate people from our neighbor countries.. ??

So when next time you go abroad and come back , do remember what kind of love you felt for your home there, remember the feeling of being home sick , remember the love we have for people irrespective of their local region , irrespective of their local language !! Do remember that the people from your neighbor countries are not your enemy but they are quite same as us, they are quite genuine !! And keep these feelings inside your heart and treasure it.. and don’t forget to spread love and positivity.
Much love to all of you reading this.. ❤

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