Loving yourself should be the biggest priority

Here is a letter for all of you who are reading this right now , Read it as if you are talking to yourself and telling these things to you in front of mirror:

Hello ,

You are the most beautiful and amazing soul I have known in my life and whatever you think about yourself, know this thing- that you are a great human being and the best you can be today.Be more humble and loving towards yourself. Love yourself more than anybody in this world. Don’t be so hard on yourself , you are doing great.

Did you notice that you are getting to experience so many things in life, you get to meet so many people , be grateful to the fact that many people don’t get to experience many things. You know the most beautiful thing about you is your smile , so keep smiling and laughing and keep spreading the good vibes you have.

Whether you accept it or not , somewhere deep down you know that everything is going to be fine , You are going to be fine. Some people will stay and some will leave but do not stop loving yourself. It is you that has made you , it is you who knows what have you gone through and still standing there facing all the things coming. Be a fighter as you are and do not let anybody bring you down.

You deserve your love more than anybody ! The way you love other people, give the same amount of love to yourself first and be content wherever you have reached and keep moving with your own pace.

I love you so so so much ❤


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