Women’s Day is not a single Day

Important Note: I am not generalizing anybody here.

Two days back it was “International Women’s Day” That one day when we women (I guess only in Metros) feel like its our birthday.People are celebrating you and all those hashtags on internet,all those advertisements where companies are asking men to spend money for the women in their life.Only on this very day !!

Yeah because this day was not this when it was found.In 1909 socialist party of America designated this day as an honor of the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions at the suggestion of Theresa Malkie.

It was seriously not for these marketing strategies and whole lot of hashtags at all.Where we independent women feeling all special & pampered but nobody gives a damn about you on the very next day.Corporates spend lot of money on their female employees but still no fucks given to the women working in their gardens,washrooms & canteen.They still have the same day like every other day.

So my colleagues in office also celebrated this day ,we got gifts and we cut the cake n all. And as I am stupid enough to start awkward discussions, I asked my male colleagues about what they are doing for their wives & moms.And they were looking at me like”What are you talking about , we dont need to do this at home !!!”. I felt like why are you doing this for us, you are not even important in my life, do it for somebody who really deserves it. Your mom, wife, sister, Grand Ma. It is about making this a habit, habit of treating women equally, let them be what they are, give them what they deserve, let them speak freely, let them access equal opportunities.

And then some of the women were talking about their partners and somebody said “You know, today my husband made tea for me”. I am like excuse me ! why do we over appreciate Men when they do super ordinary things like making tea, operating washing machine, cooking breakfast etc. to an extent where Men think that these things are special and needs to be done on special days like women’s day, anniversary etc.

No !!!! Every human being should know how to cook, wash their clothes, make your bed etc etc.

I saw an Ad one day and the tagline was “Every day you live your life for others, This Women’s day live for yourself. “Isn’t it foolish to tell women that living for themselves is something they should do on special days like this? And trust me, A lot of women out there have no idea that there are other ways to live. They devote their whole life for their family and kids and grand kids and so on. Our innocent women are like the fish in the aquarium who believe that little space to be their whole world and they have no idea about the beauty of ocean.

When will we make it normal for Men & Women to work together like partners ? Nobody is more or less important than each other. They are like the cork & opener of a wine bottle. They have to work together in sync otherwise you cant even drink the wine.