Stop Complaining and Do something !

I guess complaining is the easiest thing to do in the world. We can complain day and night , victimize ourselves and feel worse about the things.Complaining diverts us from our path. The path which would make us the best version of ourselves. Can it change anything? No, certainly NO. Can you do something about... Continue Reading →

The new “F” word-Feminism??

I was searching something related to feminism on Google and It was so disappointing to see what people search the most about Feminism : If you search the word "Feminist" on Google this is what comes : Can you see the first category : "ANGRY " It made me think , where is the problem?... Continue Reading →

Dear Anonymous Abuser

Hi, May be right now you are sitting behind your laptop screen/Mobile switching between those 3-4 social media sites because probably you don't have better things to do.I know you have a freedom of speech and you can speak whatever you feel like. Please restrict your opinions where your nose ends and yeah stop poking... Continue Reading →

Feminism starts at home

I have been thinking a lot about how a guy becomes disrespectful towards women or think that they are lesser Or they are mend to do a specific kind of work. After discussing this with a lot of people and now I can say It depends a lot on how you have grown up in your... Continue Reading →

​Shut the demons

As soon as I reach home and sit alone, all the demons come out, asking questions, reminding all the mistakes, reminding all the misjudgments, pains and failures.As if they were waiting for me to come back home and to be alone. As soon as I reach home and try to sleep, my mind gets stupid... Continue Reading →

Appreciate what we have !

There are so many things to put us down, to make us feel bad , to demotivate us and to make us sad. If we keep absorbing all the negativity around us it will become an unending spiral and we'll get lost in that. We are so busy running behind the big big things in life... Continue Reading →

The Art of correcting others

We don't agree with everybody and Everytime in our day to day lives.Sometimes we get offended, sometimes just feel hopeless and sometimes we get so involve in the argument that it just spoils our day. I know I know , we like to be correct most of the times and specially it is difficult to... Continue Reading →

Dear Opposite Gender

Dear Opposite Gender, We have been separated from so long, You remember In school also we always use to sit in different rows and sitting together was a form of punishment. We had different groups and we use to play also separately. Playing with girls for you was kind of shameful (Its okay, we can... Continue Reading →

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